WTTC visits RED to highlight one man’s journey through life in sustainable tourism video series

Huber MurilloThis spring, a film crew from the WTTC’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards visited RED Travel México to focus on the life of an unlikely conservationist, chef Hubert Murillo. If you’ve travelled with RED, you may have enjoyed the local flavor and passion that Hubert puts into his cooking. If you haven’t tried his chocolate clams, well, lets just say it’s not too late to indulge in one of life’s great pleasures.

Hubert’s story was selected as one of five from around the world to demonstrate how travel and tourism can change lives. Hubert grew up on Isla Margarita, son of a lighthouse keeper who taught him to fish. But it’s the transformation that he underwent later in life that won the hearts of the WTTC selection committee. As a fisherman, Hubert got involved in the local poaching scene, heading out at night with his partners to hunt sea turtles which they would then sell on the black market. He even became recognized around the Magdalena Bay area as the go-to guy for caguamadas (sea turtle stew). Some time later, Hubert had his first interaction with tourists who had come to participate in a sea turtle monitoring; Hubert was the chef. In his own words, everything changed for him that day, from his understanding that a sea turtle was worth more alive than dead, to recognizing his own responsibility to ensure that the species survived well into future generations. Today, working with RED Hubert has the chance to communicate what he learned to travelers and particularly, the younger generations that participate in RED’s academic programs. Hubert is just one example of the transformational power of travel, nature, and human interaction that we see at RED. Travel with us, and find your own transformational experience.

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