Whale Sharks in the Bay of La Paz

Whale sharks are the true “gentle giants” of the oceans. The largest fish on the planet, these gentle beasts return yearly to the coast just off La Paz. We meet early in the morning for the short boat ride to the observation zone where the whale sharks come to feed. Along the way, your bilingual naturalist guide will brief you on whale shark ecology as well as regulations for snorkeling in the observation zone. If you are lucky and feeling adventurous, grab your snorkel and mask and, accompanied by your guide,  get in the water to see the whale sharks up close. Trip returns in time for lunch. La Paz is unique as a whale shark destination for its proximity to the observation zone and efforts undertaken by tour operators, regulatory agencies and civil society to responsibly manage this extraordinary experience. During peak holidays when boat activity increases, we will explore the surrounding area by boat as we wait for our turn to see these incredible creatures.

Private and shared departures available. Enquire for midday and afternoon departures.

Availability: October-April

Optional Researcher for a Day: Learn what it is like to be a whale shark researcher! A local researcher will join your trip to take you through the ecology of these magnificent creatures, the role they play in the ecosystem, and their feeding, mating and migratory habits. Before getting in the water with the researcher you’ll learn how to identify individuals and document age, sex and other characteristics. Enquire for more information.

Enquiries & shared trips

USD$ 325


Starting at USD$ 325 per group