Tim Means – friend of the Earth and ecotourism pioneer

Earlier this month, we lost a giant in the world of conservation and ecotourism with the passing of Tim Means. Many people knew Tim as the founder of Baja Expeditions, where in the early days he famously dragged friends along “guinea pig” adventures, proving concepts, creating products, and along the way pioneering ecotourism along the Baja California peninsula. Others knew Tim for his instrumental work in securing protected status for Espíritu Santo island and other conservation initiatives. Anyone that knew Tim has their stories, and in the days since his passing, it seems the face of anyone you bump into on the streets of La Paz will alternately light up and go melancholy as they remember him.

Here at RED Travel México we are full of stories and memories of Tim, and his influence runs deeply through us. Luis Garduño, RED co-founder, cut his teeth at Baja Expeditions, working as an underwater guide, supporting operations, managing product and marketing. When Luis thinks of Tim, it is driving together across the salt flats at night in a beat up Chevy van en route to Laguna San Ignacio with nothing but the stars and the faint headlights barely reaching out into the expanse.

Chris Pesenti, RED’s other co-founder found moral support, friendship and sustenance under Tim’s roof as he began his work in conservation in Baja California Sur around 15 years ago. Chris thinks back to the many nights he spent sleeping in the hammock under Tim’s palapa before heading back out into the field.

Tim’s passing leaves a big hole in the universe, but a much larger footprint through the impact he made on countless people’s lives. We will miss Tim, pioneer, pirate, friend, and will always remember him fondly.

You can read more about Tim here.

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