The safety of traveling in Mexico

Recently, RED participated in a webinar for Travel Weekly on understanding adventure travel in Mexico. One of the questions we discussed regarded the safety of travelling to Mexico. In fact, the three of us presenting brought it up with the host beforehand, as we felt that the topic often appears in the news, but seldom as more than a few words on a news ticker or a sound bite and even more rarely with information helpful to travelers. Any responsible traveler is concerned with the safety of the destination they plan to visit on their vacation or work trip and deserves useful, detailed information on the subject. In the TW webinar, we stated how lucky RED is to operate in Baja California Sur,a zone that is so isolated, filled with natural wonders and far from the tragic occurrences of violence encountered in other regions of the country.

What follows is a list of articles and websites that make the effort to provide information that we think you will find helpful on the topic of safety traveling to Mexico. And stop by the blog at our friends Journey Mexico, which includes a series of interviews on the topic with industry professionals and travelers, and is updated weekly. As for traveling with RED, all our Conservation Adventures are led by experienced guides with Wilderness First Responder certification. And if you have more questions, just ask us!


Mexico in the news:

San Francisco Chronicle – Adventure Life Reviews Mexico Travel Safety Concerns

The majority of Mexico is a safe and secure travel destination.

Visit Mexico – Real people, real stories, the real Mexico

Hidden cameras show what travelers really think about Mexico. You’ll be surprised!

Travel by Terry – Mexico Maligned

Mexico has world-class hotels, incredible dining, exciting activities and rich traditions all tendered to the world by humble masters of unparalleled service.

 Lonely Planet – Are americans safer in Mexico than at home?

Mexico may be more dangerous than the US overall, but not for Americans.

 Journey Mexico – Is It Really Safe to Travel to Mexico?

A series of interviews on the topic with industry professionals and travelers. It is updated weekly. – Is travel to Mexico safe?

Mexico is a big country and it’s incredibly diverse, so violence along the US border won’t have any effect on your vacation

US Department of State – Travel Warning

No advisory is in effect for Baja California Sur

The Washington Post – Mexico: A guide to which parts are safe to travel to, and which are dangerous

What it says: “The episodes of violence are in very specific pockets, and are unrelated to tourism.”


3 thoughts on “The safety of traveling in Mexico

  1. Colleen says:

    This is an excellent resource. While I agree that it’s unwise to visit some parts of Mexico, writing off the entire country is a little ridiculous. It’s like telling vacationers they shouldn’t visit Seattle because of violence in South Centra LA.

    • RED Sustainable Travel says:

      You’re right Colleen! We’re very happy to be in one of the safest cities from North America! Far far away from major violent spots. Feel free to visit La Paz or Baja California Sur whenever you want, we’re sure you’ll be pretty safe.

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