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…until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes, on the wrong feet

For the individual working in grassroots conservation or community development, there is a familiar situation, in which an unlikely collection of individuals rally together around a shared objective, whether an issue affecting their community, an endangered species, or an economic goal. A sense of shared purpose is often enough to carry the group forward, in […]

My First Glimpse of RED´s Conservation Adventures

This February I decided to see what was happening in Magdalena Bay on the Sea Turtle Conservation Adventure. I just started working with RED in January and it was my first chance to see the community cooperative in action. I was lucky enough to arrive just in time as the first turtle of the day […]

RED’s 2012 Season in Magdalena Bay!

RED’s 2012 season is getting under way in Magdalena Bay! Chris and Alejandra traveled up to San Carlos from La Paz to spend the weekend with the coop seeing to last minute details and preparations. Jorge (pictured below) is giddy about the copper sinks and can’t wait to get out to the island. These past […]