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Damaraland edition of Chris Pesenti’s not quite live blog from ATWS Summit in Namibia

I had the extreme pleasure of accompanying the indigenous tribes delegation of WINTA on a 2-Day Adventure to Damaraland. At times I felt almost back home in the desert. But this was clearly not the desert of Baja California Sur. This was the home of the first people. Here we hiked up to see the cave paintings of the […]

Chris Pesenti’s not quite live blog from the ATWS Summit in Namibia

The jacarandas are in full bloom in Namibia and the world’s greatest conference on travel is underway. 40 hours after leaving the desert of the Baja California peninsula I find myself in another desert far across the world.  Namibia is an amazing country that leads the world in tourism models that empower communities and strengthen […]

RED is going to Namibia

The Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA) announced today that RED Founder and Director Chris Pesenti will be traveling to Namibia after winning a competitive scholarship to attend the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit. In Chris’s words, “This is a unique moment for RED.  We are expanding our business model as well as our impact […]