RED is going to Namibia

The Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA) announced today that RED Founder and Director Chris Pesenti will be traveling to Namibia after winning a competitive scholarship to attend the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit. In Chris’s words, “This is a unique moment for RED.  We are expanding our business model as well as our impact on conservation and community development. Tourism in Namibia is built on these models and at the ATTA Summit I will have the chance to exchange ideas with the best and the brightest and bring those models home to Baja California Sur. Thanks to ATTA and Rome McGuigan P.C. for making this opportunity possible”. Jeff Ment, Principal Attorney from Rome McGuigan said,”We are proud to support these adventure travel tour operators. Each one is making their unique difference in their communities and it is companies like these that will have a lasting impact on our world.” For more information on ATTA, the World Summit and the contest, click here.

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