Oceanic Society films Blue Habits episode with RED Travel México

Blue Habits, gray whales and sea turtles

Our friends at the Oceanic Society visited us in Baja California Sur in March as part of their Blue Habits Series, celebrating their 50 years of ocean conservation across the world. They came to experience the marine life including whale sharks in La Paz, and gray whales and sea turtles from our camp in Magdalena Bay, and to produce an episode for their Blue Habits video series.

From poacher to conservationist

The 6 minute video (below) captures spectacular imagery of whale sharks, Espíritu Santo island, and the gray whales of Magdalena Bay, all as the background to the personal story of Huber Murillo, a chef in our Gray Whale and Sea Turtle camp. The story tells of Huber’s journey from sea turtle poacher to part of an important sea turtle conservation program.

Watch the Blue Habits Video

Conserving species, strengthening local economies

The video does a fantastic job of communicating the RED Travel México ethos that humans play an integral role in conserving species and habitat, especially where economies are dominated by extractive activities like fishing and poaching. We view tourism as a platform for species and habitat conservation, and a viable option to create sustainable employment throughout the Baja California peninsula. Our gray whale and sea turtle camp provides a vehicle to work with fishermen and poachers and to finance important sea turtle monitoring in a region where populations suffer from consumption, incidental bycatch, and coastal development. Take a look at our non-profit arm’s Women of Tourism campaign, that tells the stories of women throughout the peninsula whose lives have been changed through their involvement with tourism as part of Red de Turismo Sustentable’s micro-enterprise incubation program.

Travel with RED

Travel with RED Travel Mexico in 2020 and witness the incredible gray whale migration for yourself. Participate in a sea turtle monitoring alongside fisher-conservationists and get to know your local hosts like Huber.

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