Luxury Camping on a Secluded Island in Baja

Have you ever thought about camping on a secluded island? Have you ever dreamt about sleeping under a canopy of stars?

The soft, sandy beaches on the islands of Magdalena Bay in Baja, Mexico provide the perfect setting for just such an adventure!

Enjoy the daytime exploring the waters of Magdalena Bay, with its abundance of wildlife, including adolescent sea turtles and migrating gray whales and their calves. Discover forests of mangroves and trek across sand dunes to the Pacific coast. Return in the evening to relax during happy hour  and watch the sun set over the channel as dolphins and other wildlife pass by.



Luxury Accommodation

Luxury camping
Luxury camping

Retire to your own personal tent, complete with comfy mattresses, blankets and comforters, and ambient lighting with flameless, LED candles. Drift off to sleep to the sounds of the lapping water – you might be even be woken up by the exhalation of passing whales.! In the morning, open your tent door to yet another gorgeous view of the sun on the water, refreshed and ready for a new day’s adventures.

The dining area is ample, and great for eating and relaxing with the group, and feature solar-powered lights in the evening. This is also where the guides give educational presentations on the local ecology, fauna, whales, and sea turtles.

Everything is provided for your luxury accommodation, so leave your sleeping bag and camping gear at home. Meals are prepared by our local chef using ingredients from the region, with a focus on regional cuisine and seafood. Vegetarians and special needs diets are very welcome. You are guaranteed to go home talking about the food!


Solar Sun Showers

It wouldn’t be luxury camping without a shower. RED takes comfort and water conservation into account with a turn of the century (20th) basic shower setup.


Loo with a View

Loo with a view
Loo with a view (Photo by Kristen Gill)

If you are at all worried about where and how to do your business, know that you will never before have experienced a better view from the loo, a dry system integrated thoughtfully into the landscape! Plus, at night you can look up and see the stars from your throne. Not a bad way to go!


A Camp that’s Friendly for the Environment

An important element of RED’s campsite is that it does not harm the environment. Once the camp is packed away, and the footprints have been blown over, the landscape will look as though nobody has been there. This is sustainable travel at its finest!

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what a recent first-time camper with RED Sustainable Travel, says on Trip Advisor:

“It’s the best value anywhere! Our three-day, two-night sea turtle trip this week was by far the best camping and learning experience ever! We were so impressed with all the details, service, and attention we had received that we are planning to return next year for another adventure. Our conclusion is: money well spent! And there’s no better way to have a fun and memorable time while supporting businesses that are conscious and mindful of our environment.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your glamp on!

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