LUSH Cosmetics – making an impact in Magdalena Bay

At RED, we work to create life changing experiences for people from all walks of life. If you have traveled with RED, you became immersed in the natural wonders of our corner of Mexico.


On the other side of the equation, community members working with RED have found new ways to share their knowledge and passion with researchers and travelers from around the world. Speaking for the RED team, our perspective changes every week, impacted by our experiences implementing projects in rural communities. What ties it all together is the personal change that occurs.

This fall, in partnership with Grupo Tortuguero, SEEtheWild and Ecology Project International, RED launched an environmental education program that takes youth from surrounding communities and puts them into the natural environment of Magdalena Bay. These academic excursions are funded by Lush Cosmetics, a natural products company that is truly committed to conservation and community outreach. Earlier this year, Lush staff traveled to Magdalena Bay with RED, to see firsthand just what is at stake – the sea turtles, the mangroves, and the pristine surroundings. Through LUSH’s generous donation, we are able to provide local youth with life changing experiences at a critical age. Chuy Lucero, Field Coordinator for Grupo Tortuguero, and native of Magdalena Bay says “These trips are a great opportunity for local youth to get to know their natural surroundings and expand their consciousness. In the future hopefully they will be the ones transferring this knowledge to others – that they can benefit living from and coexisting with their natural resources.” This is the element that stands out, the impact on a young person’s life, someone who will continue to interact with their natural surroundings on a daily basis. Join us in applauding Lush Cosmetics, and supporting Lush and RED at the same time by purchasing one of their Charity Pots online or in one of their many locations.