Gray whales in Magdalena Bay

Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay

Update for 2019 – check out the Blue Habits video shot in RED Travel México’s Magdalena Bay ecocamp.


Each December means that the gray whales are on their way back to Magdalena Bay. After making their marathon migration south from the cold waters of the Bering Sea down to the warmer waters of the Baja California peninsula, the whales mate and calve in the protected waters of Laguna San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre, and Magdalena Bay.

Gray whales in Magdalena Bay

February and March are prime whale viewing months. Summer is the perfect time to plan a trip with RED Travel México to Magdalena Bay to experience the wonder yourself. You might be one of the lucky travelers that will have an up-close whale encounter unlike anything you have experienced before in the natural world.

Luis Garduño, RED’s Cofounder thinks this experience is a must for everyone: “I wish everyone on the planet could know what it is like to see a whale up close.  It is impossible to have that interaction and not come away changed for the better. It opens your eyes and your heart. In Magdalena we have our whale and sea turtle camp that is in one of the most beautiful spots on the peninsula. At night sometimes you can hear the whales exhale as they pass in front. I get excited just thinking about it.”

Travel with RED to see gray whales

Whether you want to escape for a long weekend, or join a group on one of our longer excursions, RED’s Magdalena camp offers the perfect setting for your own magical whale experience. Inquire now for availability. If you live in Southern California, try the CBX border crossing. This sky bridge makes it easy to walk on the sky bridge over the border and onto economical direct flights to La Paz.

Gray whale ecocamp in Magdalena Bay
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