Father and Daughter Adventure with Dr. Wallace J Nichols

Wallace J NicholsThere’s nothing I like better than taking my daughters into the field to spend time with sea turtles. It’s always memorable and brings us closer together as a family. But they grow up fast (the kids AND the turtles) and changes are inevitable.

Getting back in the water together is always a good idea. So, I decided this Thanksgiving to take my thirteen year old daughter Grayce to Baja and to invite other dads and daughters to join us. We’ll do it again in a few years when Julia (10) turns thirteen too. I’ve invited my friend Danni Washington (and her father) to join us. Danni takes the cool factor up to another level and is such a powerful role model for girls in science and conservation.

The plan is to visit some of my all time favorite spots in Baja, hang out with amazing ocean wildlife, meet some ocean heroes, learn a lot of marine sceince, have great conversations and eat good food. The ultimate Blue MInd retreat.

The trip will be tech-free but we’ll have a photographer/videographer along so your daughter can go social media crazy with the amazing images AFTER we are back at home.

Our dear friends at RED Travel Mexico will be our outfitters. They’re the best.

You’ll find man more details about the itinerary and price on the RED website, but basically plan to arrive in Cabo on Wednesday and travel home on Sunday. In between we’ll have a big blue adventure. And we’ll have a Mexican Thanksgiving dinner on the beach!

Send us an email if you’d like more info or have questions. This retreat WILL fill up fast and we are limiting our group to 20 people total.

This post wast originally posted by Dr. Wallace J Nichols on his blog.