Experience the Food of Baja the RED Sustainable Travel Way!

It’s no secret that the Baja California peninsula is well known for its food. So it should be no surprise that renown chef Rick Bayless came down to produce one of his travel segment’s here entitled “Mexico – One Plate at a Time – A delicious feast in Magdalena Bay”. On the episode, Bayless and his team make their way to Magdalena Bay to join the local fishermen in catching fresh clams, scallops, and spiny lobsters.

This region is especially known for its chocolate clams, so named because of their brown shell, and which Bayless claims are “the best clams in the world”. They can be eaten in several ways, served up raw with fresh lime juice and salsa,  or stuffed with bacon and vegetables, and cooked over hot coals.

Also native to this region are the enormous hatchet scallops and spiny lobsters. Working alongside RED Sustainable Travel’s chef Huber Murillo, Bayless and team bought fresh lobster and clams right off the dive boats, and watched Huber go to work,  poaching the spiny lobsters, stuffing them with sauteed vegetables, chilies, and cheeses, and finishing them up on the grill.

According to Bayless,
“We just returned home after 21 days of shooting.  Though we’re thoroughly exhausted, I have to say that it was one of the best series we’ve ever shot.  The people were totally amazing and generous to us everywhere we went.  The chefs are incredibly talented and the products are some of the best I’ve seen.  Thank you from the depths of my heart for helping to make this 8th season of “Mexico—One Plate at a Time” so special! And thank you, too, for the incredible experiences in Magdalena Bay—I know it will make an impact on our viewers as it did on us. (The sea turtle and lunch on the beach will forever be etched in my memory.)”

Serving up sustainably caught wahoo over a bed of sweet potatoes.
Serving up sustainably caught wahoo over a bed of sweet potatoes.

Pictured here, Chef Eric Soderholm brings Davenport flair on a special visit to the RED kitchen, serving up sustainably caught wahoo over a bed of sweet potatoes. When not out with the fishermen tending to the sea turtle monitoring, guests are free to wander into the kitchen, and may even get a lesson on how to make Huber’s chipotle aioli, or famous pastel de pescado. Follow in the footsteps of world class chefs and take a culinary tour of Baja’s Magdalena Bay. Your taste buds will eternally thank you.

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