Parque nacional Cabo Pulmo: 17 Aniversario

On June 2nd and 3rd community members, NGOs, government officials, and tourists came together to celebrate Cabo Pulmo’s 17th anniversary. The anniversary marks the day that Cabo Pulmo was first declared a National Marine Park. The cultural and natural festivities were a great success thanks to many dedicated and impassioned individuals.

Throughout the weekend celebration different kinds of events and festivities took place, including a volleyball tournament, foot and bicycle races, environmental education workshops, the annual tug-o-war, live comedy, music, and short-films.

The involvement and dedication of the local community is truly inspirational, and their efforts are clearly visible. After 17 years it is wonderful to share in the celebration with a local community that has been working together to protect their natural environment and improve their livelihoods.

RED participated in the celebration with a “Local Knowledge Rally” in which kids answered questions about what makes Cabo Pulmo such a unique destination. These included questions on sea turtles in the region, recycling in the community and fish species in the area, with the objective to see who could answer the most questions correctly. In the end, everyone won; RED’s staff got more involved with the community, and the kids had a great time.

The anniversary was a celebration for all, but mostly for the community that has worked hard to preserve their natural surroundings for everyone to enjoy, especially Cabo Pulmo’s future generations.