Mi primer vistazo a las aventuras de conservación de RED

This February I decided to see what was happening in Magdalena Bay on the Sea Turtle Conservation Adventure. I just started working with RED in January and it was my first chance to see the community cooperative in action. I was lucky enough to arrive just in time as the first turtle of the day was being measured and released. Everyone, hosts and guests, were so involved in it that I felt like an outsider interrupting a focused team hard at work.

After the turtle was released back into the ocean, everyone returned to the dining area and took a seat, and in just a few seconds I was immersed in a group full of camaraderie, friendship and goodwill, of guests and hosts alike.

I only stayed on Conchalito Island for one night, but I was able to participate in several activities including hiking in the sand dunes, exploring the island, kayaking, and we even caught 8 sea turtles in the monitoring (which is definitely on the high side). I was blown away by the quality of the food served in camp, as well as the engagement, attentiveness and genuine friendliness of the hosts. Every time I looked there was a smile… and it was reciprocal. It’s the kindness and sense of shared interest that really stuck with me and what I think sets RED trips apart.

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