Oceanic Society Cinco por el episodio 50 con RED Travel

Blue Habits en Baja California Sur En marzo, nuestros amigos de Oceanic Society nos visitaron en Baja California Sur como parte de su campaña de Blue Habits, para celebrar 50 años de conservación de los océanos alrededor del mundo. Vinieron a experimentar la vida marina, incluyendo tiburones ballena en La Paz y ballenas grises y […]

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¿Qué hace que La Paz sea un destino único para el turismo de tiburón ballena?

snorkel with a whale shark

The Baja California Peninsula is truly a mecca for nature tourism, boasting seasonal gray whales along the Pacific coast, 5 of the world’s 7 species of sea turtle, and a host of marine and aviary life including the largest creature on the planet, the blue whale. La Paz is the perfect jumping off point for […]

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Isla Espíritu Santo – un tesoro global

December, 2018 If you haven’t visited Espíritu Santo Island – here’s one more reason you should. In November, the International Union of Concerned Scientists recognized this natural protected area as one of 15 new additions to its green list of best protected sites around the world. The archipelago, just a short boat ride from La Paz, […]

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Ballenas grises en la bahía de magdalena

December 5, 2018 As we head into December that means that the gray whales are on their way back to Magdalena Bay. After making their marathon migration south from the cold waters of the Bering Sea down to the warmer waters of the Baja California peninsula, the whales mate and calve in the protected waters […]

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Ampliando nuestra zona de confort

This week RED was invited by Travel Weekly to participate in a webinar for travel agents and outbound operators in North America interested in travel to Mexico. We took the opportunity to talk about Baja California Sur, how there’s a growing trend in nature and adventure travel, a few highlights of the natural attractions, and […]

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Una tortuga salvada

Fifteen years ago the hawksbill sea turtle in my hands would have been hog-tied, whisked hundreds of miles, slaughtered and carved into trinkets. Today, it swam free. On Baja’s Pacific coast, an adult male hawksbill sea turtle found its way into a fisherman’s net. In the past, for the fisherman anyway, such a thing would […]

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