Regenerative Travel Blog Series Part 1

regenerative travel magdalena bay mangroves

Regenerative travel in México Categories, labels and buzzwords Many people like categories, and without a doubt, consumers love labels. To this end, the tourism industry has generated an evolving list of buzzwords to distance the niche of travel in which we operate from mass tourism. When we say mass tourism, think large, mostly indistinguishable hotels, […]

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A sea turtle’s journey from Costa Rica to Mexico

sea turtle monitoring and conservation ecotourism

SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION THROUGH TRAVEL When we launched RED Travel 9 years ago, sea turtles were very much a part of our essence. Sea turtle conservation was behind our first efforts to use travel as a platform for species and habitat conservation and for creating sustainable employment. Species conservation through travel Fast forward to 2019. […]

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How much do you know about the whale sharks of La Paz?

facts about whale sharks

Whale Sharks in the Bay of La Paz La Paz, Baja California Sur is one of the few destinations in the world regularly visited by whale sharks. The largest fish on the planet, whale sharks reach over 60 feet long and weighing up to over 20 tons. Despite their size, whale sharks are known locally […]

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Academic travel – combating desertification

academic travel - reforestation

Reforestation in Sierra la Laguna Biosphere Reserve Back in 2015, we published a blog entry after launching a pilot academic program in the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. Working with  the National Parks Commission, regional biologists, and local ranchero families in the reserve we designed a program  focused on reforestation, climate change, desertification, and soil […]

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Oceanic Society films Blue Habits episode with RED Travel México

sea turtle conservation in gray whale eco-camp

Blue Habits, gray whales and sea turtles Our friends at the Oceanic Society visited us in Baja California Sur in March as part of their Blue Habits Series, celebrating their 50 years of ocean conservation across the world. They came to experience the marine life including whale sharks in La Paz, and gray whales and […]

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What makes La Paz such a unique destination for whale shark tourism?

snorkel with whale sharks

The Baja California Peninsula is truly a mecca for nature tourism, boasting seasonal gray whales along the Pacific coast, 5 of the world’s 7 species of sea turtle, and a host of marine and aviary life including the largest creature on the planet, the blue whale. La Paz is the perfect jumping off point for […]

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