Academic Trip with the Tec de Monterrey to Magdalena Bay

During the first 2013 semester, the Community-based Environmental Leadership Program “@migos de la naturaleza” (Friends of Nature”) promoted the first edition of the “Conservation and Community Based Environmental Monitoring Workshop” with the objective of exploring the conservation threats and natural resources usage in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur. Incorporating the vision of NGO’s, local actors and experts, the Tec de Monterrey – Campus Monterrey, Citizens Social Service students developed a report based on desk and field research.

Throughout the semester, 15 students participated in training sessions. With the help of desk research they learned about the environmental and social conditions of the region establishing the basis to formulate questions for field research. From March 18 to the 22, they visited Magdalena Bay, and in companionship with biologists, fishermen and NGO experts they gained answers and insight regarding local environmental and social challenges.

In this document, Reporte: Taller de Monitoreo Ambiental Comunitario Bahía Magdalena BCS (only available in spanish), you will find a compilation of the desk and field research, contained in five sections, the first four prepared by the students and the conclusion made by the project coordinator. More than a technical document or an evaluation of the site visit, the following pages demonstrate a deeper objective, highlighting the experience of all the project participants. From students of Tec de Monterrey, to non-profit directors and local fishermen, we feel this document represents a shared vision towards the future of Magdalena Bay.