RED launches “Voluntourism” Adventure in Magdalena Bay

Loggerhead Turtle Conservation Adventure

This summer, RED is partnering with Grupo Tortuguero‘s ProCaguama (Operation Loggerhead) to offer the travel experience of a lifetime that makes you part of one of the most exciting and successful sea turtle conservation projects on the planet. Join the ProCaguama team in its effort to rescue endangered loggerhead turtles on the Pacific Coast of the Baja California Peninsula. Pacific loggerheads nest along the Japanese archipelago and as juveniles some travel thousands of miles to Mexico, confronting  threats from both predators and incidental capture in fishing gear.

ProCaguama and partners discovered that juvenile loggerheads can spend several decades foraging their way to maturity at a hotspot in the legendarily rich waters of Mexico´s Baja California Peninsula, offering an extraordinary conservation opportunity.

The ProCaguama loggerhead project partners with local fishermen in Magdalena Bay to reduce bycatch, while increasing the sustainability of fisheries and the wellbeing of local communities. ProCaguama works with women and youth, and through outreach, education, and support for sustainable economic alternatives, is gaining ground on recovering this endangered species.

This summer join Dr. Hoyt Peckham,  Director of Fisheries and Science at Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias and leader of the ProCaguama project, and work alongside his team of scientists (ranging from biologists to economists), fishermen and community members in Magdalena Bay. You’ll head offshore to capture, study, and release turtles, visit the historic lighthouse of San Lazaro, and participate in the Annual Sea Turtle Festival – a natural and cultural celebration.

For more information, visit the Loggerhead Turtle Conservation Team Adventure  webpage.

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