Chris Pesenti’s not quite live blog from the ATWS Summit in Namibia

Namibia Jacarandas

The jacarandas are in full bloom in Namibia and the world’s greatest conference on travel is underway. 40 hours after leaving the desert of the Baja California peninsula I find myself in another desert far across the world.  Namibia is an amazing country that leads the world in tourism models that empower communities and strengthen natural and cultural heritage. Follow me as I learn and explore this magic place.

For more info, you can visit the official webpage of the Adventure Travel World Summit.


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  1. Hola Chris:
    Felicitaciones por todo cuanto haces, me alegra encontrarte casualmente en RED, despues de muchos años de no saber de tí! Sinceramente espero sigan tus exitos. Ojalá no perdamos el contacto, te dejo un afectuoso saludo desde Ensenada.
    Atte. Maricarmen Necoechea

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